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Mechanical Elevated Vacuum or Electronic Elevated Vacuum

Elevated vacuum systems provide outstanding reliability and security, and WillowWood offers two types of systems: LimbLogic®, our electronic system, and the new LimbLogic M, our mechanical system. Here’s how to help decide which system is right for you. Mechanical elevated vacuum is the ideal solution for amputees who prefer a low-maintenance, easy-to-use system. It is Continue reading…

Walk Confidently and Comfortably In the New LimbLogic® M

New to the WillowWood product line, the LimbLogic M elevated vacuum pump creates a flexible option for transtibial applications that provides stability, security, and comfort. With easily adjustable vacuum and stiffness settings, this solution caters to a wide range of amputees. The LimbLogic M is equipped with shock absorption, so impact on the limb is considerably Continue reading…

NEW! LimbLogic® Service Kit

Whether it’s a long run or a big public speaking engagement, we all have scenarios that make us sweat. No big deal, right? It might not be, but excessive sweating can lead to the buildup of salt crystals in an electronic LimbLogic elevated vacuum pump, which may lead to clogs. The LimbLogic® Service Kit equips Continue reading…

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