Our Mission

Our Mission

For over a century WillowWood has provided solutions for clinicians and their patients. Our mission guides the company and the work we do.

WillowWood Mission

It is the mission of WillowWood to provide to the prosthetic and orthotic community products that the consumers find assist them in leading a functionally normal lifestyle, products that the consumers find more comfortable, and products that the consumers prefer.

WillowWood Vision

It is a vision of WillowWood to become the world’s leader in “leveling the playing field” between physically unchallenged people and all people who find themselves challenged due to limb loss or limb dysfunction.

Our Commitment to Safety

WillowWood Global LLC is committed to the safety and health of our workers. We know that our strength as an organization is only as good as the safety and health of everyone. Our organization will strive to involve workers at every level in establishing, implementing, and evaluating our Safety and Health Program. We prioritize safety and pride ourselves on always choosing to work with safety in mind. Excellence in workplace safety is crucial to a safe and healthy lifestyle for our customers, our employees, and their families. It is essential to how we do business and support our community.

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