Alpha DESIGN Liner Ordering Channels

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We understand that no single method may be right for every clinic when it comes to ordering custom prosthetic products. That’s why we’ve expanded our ordering channels for custom Alpha DESIGN® Liners. You’ve got options.

Well-suited for clinicians interested in digitally creating custom liners in a quick and efficient manner without the need to cast patients.
Creating a custom liner for a patient is now faster and easier for prosthetists thanks to the new Alpha DESIGN app. Using an iPad and a Structure Sensor™, prosthetists may use the free app to capture the shape of a limb, provide details about gel thickness and placement, and submit order forms all in one seamless process.

This mobile solution allows prosthetists to:
• Scan transfemoral and transtibial residual limbs
• Take photos of residual limbs
• Add clinical notes to scans
• Complete custom liner order forms
• Submit order forms, scans, photos, clinical notes and images to WillowWood

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Well suited for clinicians who want to incorporate an ordering channel into their existing clinic workflow that allows for flexibility of providing digital shape files or casts and provides e-mail confirmations of order receipt, along with a summary.
WillowWood’s online Alpha DESIGN Liner order forms are available for initial custom liner orders and duplicate orders. The online forms are simple to use; just complete the form, attach a purchase order and digital shape files, if desired, and submit. Once submitted, clinicians receive an order summary via e-mail which may be saved to patient medical records.

WillowWood’s Online Order Forms allow prosthetists to:
• Go paperless, if desired
• Complete order forms from any device, anywhere with an internet connection
• Save order form progress and finish later
• Attach a shape file to an order
• Provide clinical and production notes as desired
• Submit orders directly to WillowWood for faster/easier processing
• Export a PDF receipt for digital or printed file storage

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The new OMEGA software functionality provides clinicians even more ways to serve their patients. Now with OMEGA software, clinicians have all the tools to create custom Alpha DESIGN® Liners!

The new functionality available in OMEGA enables clinicians to design their own custom liner gel profiles, or send shape files to WillowWood for our experienced DESIGN Liner Technicians to create.

Additional DESIGN features include:
• Scan, design and submit custom liner orders all from OMEGA.
• Measurement pane includes liner measurements in addition to model measurements.
• New Tracing App allows for shape capture from the Tracer Pen and may be launched independently or from within OMEGA.
• Disarticulation Buildup tool allows users to quickly fill areas above a bulbous distal end with gel.
• Improved tool functionality and larger viewing area for working with shapes.

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