Comfort & Durability Now Fabric-Free

WillowWood’s Alpha Duo™ Liner


It has been long expressed that clinicians and amputees alike desired a fabric-free Alpha Liner option. But the Alpha line is a lot to live up to and creating a fabric-free liner that is as equally as impressive as its counterparts was no easy feat.

AlphaDuo-5437 White BkgndsmThe unique collaboration between WillowWood’s engineering department and clinical testing department is what makes extraordinary products like the new Alpha Duo Liner possible. And after exhaustive research and development, our engineers knew WillowWood had the technology to deliver both comfort and durability in a fabric-free form.


  •      Stronger seal. The fabric-free exterior of the Alpha Duo Liner allows more surface area to bond with a suspension sleeve.
  •      Less knee restriction. The One Gel Sock, included with the liner, allows clinicians to create a customized fit for each amputee for greater range of motion.
  •      No migration. When paired with the One Gel Sock, amputees can rest assured the Alpha Duo will stay in place all day.
  •      Little to no dry time. Amputees simply clean off the liner and get back to living life.

Our amputee test-participants, clinicians and engineers couldn’t be happier.

Anthony, a bilateral amputee who tested the Alpha Duo Liner, is glad he made the switch. Here’s what he had to say:

“I’m in the legs for so long a day. I mean, I could literally wear them for 16 to 18 hours with no problem.”

The Alpha Duo Liner is one of the most unique liners available. For many amputees, Alpha Duo creates an entirely new daily experience that is well worth exploring as a solution for your patients.

For more information about how the Alpha Duo can improve the lives of your patients, please click here.




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