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When William E. Arbogast became a bilateral amputee, he set out to create a more comfortable and reliable prosthetic using wood from the willow trees on his farm. Knowing he could help other amputees, he founded WillowWood in 1907, and for more than a century, our mission has been to level the playing field for amputees around the world.

To help you lead a more comfortable and active life, we’re excited to introduce our new Amputee Resource Center, where you’ll find a wealth of information and resources about how to choose and use prosthetic solutions. The Amputee Resource Center is also your opportunity to share your stories and ideas. At our headquarters, WillowWood engineers work directly with amputees to create solutions that address their needs. Now, we want to hear from amputees everywhere.

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NOTE: Always contact your clinician for prosthetic care advice. The following descriptions are available to help you get started in choosing which option may be best suited for you, but should never replace prosthetic advice from your clinician.

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