Custom Solutions

WillowWood offers custom liners and custom sockets so you can find the best fit for your residual limb and for your lifestyle.

NOTE: Always contact your clinician for prosthetic care advice. The following descriptions are available to help you get started in choosing which option may be best suited for you, but should never replace prosthetic advice from your clinician.

Your socket should be as unique as you are. WillowWood creates personalized laminated sockets at no extra charge to amputees because you deserve it. When your clinician is fitting you for a new socket, ask for socket customization. Sockets can be laminated with a fabric you like or pigmented to match your skin tone. Just be sure your clinician sends in your fabric or pigment request when he/she places your order.

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For amputees who are uncomfortable in off-the-shelf liners, WillowWood’s Alpha DESIGN® Liners provide unparalleled comfort. Alpha DESIGN® Liners offer custom comfort and an intimate fit inside with a uniform exterior to fit a standard socket shape outside.

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Comfort and flexibility that off-the-shelf liners just can’t match.

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