WillowWood proudly supports organizations that work to level the playing field for all people who are challenged by limb differences.

Amputee Glossary

Prosthetics industry jargon can be confusing. This resource is a list of commonly used terms in the prosthetics industry.

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Amputee Coalition™

WillowWood is a national sponsor of Amputee Coalition, which serves as a strong resource for amputees, new and long-time. Amputee Coalition operates a network of certified peer counselors to provide support to amputees.

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Locating a Certified Prosthetist

The Amputee Coalition and OP Solutions have partnered to build the Prosthetist Finder, a searchable directory of prosthetists located across the country. Please understand that this is not a specific recommendation for products or services, but can only suggest possible sources, with no endorsement implied.

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Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp

As part of our national sponsorship of the Amputee Coalition, WillowWood holds a special event one evening during camp. We’ve had about 25% of our staff volunteer, and it is an amazing experience for our team. This is a fantastic opportunity…and it is provided at no cost to the campers!

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Limbs for Life

The Limbs for Life Foundation is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to providing fully-functional prosthetic care for individuals who cannot otherwise afford it and raising awareness of the challenges facing amputees.

WillowWood supports Limbs for Life with a monthly donation of 20 liners that are provided to amputees in financial need. We also provide product to Limbs for Life to use at their amputee clinics in developing countries.

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What to do with Used Prosthetics

If you have prosthetic devices that are no longer needed and in good shape, you can help others.

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OPAF & the First Clinics

OPAF and the First Clinics provide adaptive sport/activity workshops for anyone with a physical or mobility challenge. We strongly support this organization that helps amputees and others learn/relearn how to participate in recreational athletics. Plus the clinics are a lot of fun!

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