Bethany Joyce-Patterson, veterinary nurse, mom, athlete

“WillowWood liners AND sleeves get me to the finish line – every time! We Whether Dolled Up, Dulled Down, managing a multimillion dollar business, loosing 60 lbs in 6 months by being active again post amputation, chasing my 3 year old son, chasing my dogs, going to the gym, hiking, riding the motorcycle, chillaxing, or traveling the world; WillowWood’s Alpha SmartTemp Gel liner and LimbLogic Sleeve keep me in the game! Cooler than everyone else and able to keep my prosthesis ON when others have to take theirs off to dump the sweat out – Not this gal… I’m cool, calm, collected, and ready to confidently take on my world everyday with WillowWood!“

Ralph N., Transfemoral Amputee, New Jersey

“Having just received the new “One” System, I have to say that it is absolutely the best leg I have had in the 18 years of wearing prosthetics. I’ve been wearing it for a few weeks and am extremely impressed by the comfort it provides, as well as the very strong suction system that keeps my residual limb in the socket. The fit, look, and quality are all top notch! I can see already that I will have much, much less of a problem in my work, which requires extreme ambultion all day long. Your system has proven to be just the thing I needed to get on track. Thank you so much!”

Kurt Yaeger shares his experience wearing the Alpha SmartTemp Gel Liner.

Get close up with Kurt Yaeger and the Alpha SmartTemp Gel Liner

The Alpha SmartTemp Liner makes a difference in every day life.

Kurt Yaeger talks Limb Health and the Alpha SmartTemp Gel Liner

Alpha SmartTemp Gel Liner Improves Quality of Life

Strongman Dan Nunnelly barely sweats in this prosthetic liner.

Jeff Quelet, CPO, LPO, Ability Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc.

“I have been an amputee for 33 years and have worn several different styles of sockets. I was able to beta trial the WillowWood One socket and have had very favorable results. The technology of the donning sleeve [the One Gel Sock] against the socket allows for uniform vacuum and suspension throughout the socket. I can attest to the fact that this socket has given me a true feeling of connection between my limb and the prosthesis.”

Aaron Moles, L/CP, Prosthetix Shop LLC

“On follow-up status post 6 weeks WillowWood One delivery, patient Bob is doing great – not one complaint! He has been an amputee for ten years and gave up using his prosthesis three years ago due to poor-fitting sockets. He and his family are thrilled about his increased functional level over the past four weeks.”

Caring about amputees has been the primary focus of WillowWood since the company was founded in 1907. Hearing your stories makes all of our work worthwhile and we’d love to hear from you! Use the hashtag #LevelThePlayingField to share your WillowWood story.

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