Supporting Our Military

When Raymond Francis, former chief prosthetist, joined the WillowWood team in 1997, he established WillowWood’s close partnership with the U.S. military. Today, we work with members of the armed services to develop and test new technology that can withstand whatever is thrown at it. In fact, to test Pathfinder®, we converted our backyard into a landing pad for a military helicopter.

Partnering with Our Military

In addition to product testing, WillowWood works with the Veterans Administration to develop prosthetics that can withstand the everyday challenges that service members face.

Veteran Testimonials

David, transtibial amputee since 2004

After becoming an amputee due to a motorcycle accident, David wasn’t sure if he’d ever be able to run again or keep up with his battalion. But seeing a fellow Marine wearing a prosthetic leg and running…well that’s when David’s life changed again.


Luke, transfemoral amputee since 2006

“WillowWood products have made my life so much easier through peace of mind and comfort. I wear a WillowWood liner that keeps my limb dry and itch-free. Before this product, I would constantly be sweating or itching which was so annoying.

The liner is also very comfortable. In fact, sometimes when I am skiing or swimming without my leg I leave the liner on and hardly even notice it. In the past, I would never wear the stiff, uncomfortable, itchy comparative products I was used to.

My socket is also better now that I use WillowWood. I have been hand casted by some of the best in the business, but I feel WillowWood’s scanning system has been the closest, most comfortable, and longest lasting socket I have worn since becoming an amputee.

Life-changing products, give it a shot you will not be disappointed.”

In 2006, Luke was serving with the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division in Baghdad, Iraq when he was hit with an IED blast.

Luke has written a book about his experience and now does public speaking. Learn more about Luke’s book here:


Tom, transtibial amputee since 1995

“The effectiveness and customer satisfaction of WillowWood products is dependent upon how good the prosthetist is who fits and maintains the patient(s). I find WillowWood products to be superior.

Because I have an outstanding prosthetist and the most fantastic equipment (WillowWood equipment), there is little, if anything, that I cannot do, short of wiggling my toes! That said, I have tried a couple of different prosthetic products and can affirm, without hesitation, that WillowWood makes a fantastic set of equipment for the active amputee.

The liner is fantastic. It is easy to maintain and extremely flexible when making inevitable adjustments. I can say that specialty liners, where custom fit is applied, are excellent. They allow for almost any type of activity to be undertaken without the need for a strap or other secondary attachment device. Alpha® Liners are comfortable, and durable and allow for all day (and night) use without any difficulty.

The Pathfinder foot is equally excellent! A great many amputees use legs and feet specific to the activity with which they are involved—swimming, running, walking. I am able to do ALL activities with the same leg and foot. My activities include running, walking, swimming, biking, skydiving, weight-lifting, cross-fit, and high impact activities.”

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