Competitive powerlifting? In Dallas, Texas? No sweat.

If there’s anyone who can speak with authority on sweat, it’s Dan Nunnelly. Consider this: Dan is a competitive powerlifter and strongman competitor. He lives in the scorching heat of Dallas. His gym doesn’t have air-conditioning, and temperatures can reach 100 degrees during his training sessions and competitions. Yes, Dan knows a thing or two about sweat.

Dan has been an amputee for five years, and he’s been competing in strongman competitions for four years. During workouts and competitions, his liner would often become loose because of excess sweat. That not only made him less comfortable, it made him less confident in the fit and security of his prosthetic.

“Doing strongman and also powerlifting, equipment is really important to me. If I don’t have the best equipment, it’s pretty much a no go.”

When it came to finding the best liner, he needed two things: more comfort and more security. He needed a liner he could trust. Once he found the Alpha SmartTemp, he knew he’d found the best.

A life-changing solution.

Over the past few years, Dan has used both the silicone and gel models of the Alpha SmartTemp Liner. The result? “Life-changing.”

“I barely sweat at all in this liner. It pulls that heat away from you. I’m no longer walking around like I’ve got a waterbed in my prosthetic leg. No more of that squishing around everywhere.”

It doesn’t lose its secure fit, either. No matter how hard Dan is pushing, he’s confident that the Alpha SmartTemp is ready for anything.

“I don’t know what magic they’re putting in there, but it seems to hold its form to my leg the way I need it to.”

48% reduction in sweat? Get ready to believe.

What feels like magic is really groundbreaking technology. Like the Alpha SmartTemp Silicone Liner, the Alpha SmartTemp Gel Liner is a breakthrough advancement. It utilizes a proprietary blend of TPE gel and heat absorption technology to regulate skin temperature, absorb heat, and delay the onset of sweat.

The science backs it up, too. Participants in a randomized clinical study experienced a 48% reduction in sweat while wearing the Alpha SmartTemp Gel Liner compared to a standard gel liner.

Comfort makes a real difference.

Innovative heat management technology is just one way that the Alpha SmartTemp Gel Liner keeps Dan comfortable and secure. The liner also utilizes one-way stretch Select fabric to control pistoning without the need of a distal matrix, while allowing circumferential stretch for easy donning. The flexible knee panel of abrasion-resistant fabric permits comfortable, easy flexion without pulling and tightening at the knee. And the panel and thin gel behind the knee allow for comfort when sitting or bending for extended periods of time.

“This liner isn’t just for athletes.”

At the end of a workout, Dan puts away his weights but he doesn’t put away his Alpha SmartTemp. It stays on while he works at his job in the motorcycle industry. He’s on his feet with customers all day long, but since switching to the Alpha SmartTemp, he doesn’t have to take his leg off and wipe it down in front of customers and associates.

“Whether you’re training or you’ve got to go to work or if you’re just out walking around with your friends, the convenience of not having that heat, the comfort of not having to deal with that heat or the sweat, is going to make a huge difference.”

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