Conquering life with the new META Arc.

“God gave us ankles for a reason,” says Lynn Krause, an avid gardener, active mother and grandmother, and retired real estate agent. “It was a shame that when surgeons took my foot, they also took my ankle, and it did not seem fair that all I got was a stiff foot in return.”

When Lynn lost her left foot to sarcoma, her K3 foot and physical therapy eventually helped her walk without a cane. But her prosthetic foot couldn’t adapt to changes in terrain like her anatomical foot, and this spelled trouble while trying to garden in an uneven yard. Everywhere she went, she had to constantly look at the ground to keep herself from falling when encountering even a slight incline.

She could get by, but she wasn’t living her best life. She had a high-activity foot, but something was still missing: an ankle.

The first-ever polycentric ankle.

META Arc is a moderate- to high-activity carbon fiber foot featuring the industry’s first integrated, ankle joint that mimics the movement of an ankle. This groundbreaking polycentric ankle provides immediate adaptation across the widest range of ankle motion for unparalleled inversion and eversion. The innovative design decouples ground reaction forces, reducing forces on the residual limb for natural-feeling stability.

For Lynn, it meant she could finally walk naturally and confidently again. “I never knew where I was placing my left foot. Now, I can rely on it to tell me what the terrain is that I’m walking on.”

Whether she’s going up and down hills or walking from pavers to garden beds, Lynn hasn’t fallen since using META Arc, and she has the freedom and security to do the things she loves.

“It has been the difference between walking my dog, doing yard work and getting in the car. It’s a big difference in my life.”

Revolutionary unibody design.

With the industry’s first boltless, unibody carbon fiber design, META Arc brings light weight, stability, and energy return of over 95% together like never before in one amazing foot.

Rather than the traditional design that uses two pieces bolted or wrapped together, the META Arc is molded from just one piece of carbon fiber, eliminating bolts, dead spots, and weight for unrelenting performance.

“Last year, I had to sit down to weed, now I can bend over and weed a whole flower bed while standing. The ankle is allowing me to bend forward without getting so tired. I find I can do more with this.”

Confidence you can see.

“It gives you confidence in your entire prosthetic. It gives you the idea that you’re walking normally. It does something to the image of yourself. I know I can ride a bike with this, and that’s important to me. Everyone should be able to choose the life they want to live for themselves, and they can do this with this foot.”

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