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Support Documentation

Research articles and outcome studies can go a long way in educating staff on prosthetic products and in supporting coding submissions. Concentrating our own studies on elevated vacuum suspension, WillowWood’s research team has published prosthetic journal articles, presented at national trade shows, and served on industry expert panels at national and regional trade shows.

For your convenience, an extensive bibliography of articles is provided for elevated vacuum suspension, CAD/CAM and liners.


Liner References

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CAD/CAM References

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Socket Materials & Strength References

Gerschutz MJ, Haynes ML, Nixon D, Colvin JM. Strength evaluation of prosthetic check sockets, copolymer sockets, and definitive laminated sockets. J Rehabil Res Dev. 2012;49(3):405–26.

Gerschutz MJ, Haynes ML, Colvin JM, and Nixon D. Tensile strength and impact resistance properties of materials used in prosthetic check sockets, copolymer sockets, and definitive laminated sockets. Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development. 2011;48(8):987-1004.


Elevated Vacuum References

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