Get to Know Our ALPHA Design Ordering Channels

Get to know our Alpha DESIGN® ordering channels. With four different platforms to choose from, you’re sure to have an ordering process that suits you and your staff well.

This option allows clinicians to create patient files, work with both casts andCAD files, and track orders all on one online platform. FusiformCAST is a paperless, free, and HIPPA-compliant service that provides clinicians with a one-stop solution to ordering custom Alpha DESIGN® Liners.


Alpha DESIGN® App
Trying to eliminate or reduce the need to cast patients? Using an iPad and Structure Sensor™ you can digitally capture the shape of a patient’s limb without having to cast them. Within the app, you may note specifications about gel thickness, placement and other details, include photos, and submit an order. This all-in-one app creates a faster, easier process for clinicians and patients alike.

OMEGA® Software
In addition to prosthetic sockets and orthotic devices, you may now use our patient-centered CAD software, OMEGA® to design custom liners. The software equips clinicians to work with residual limb shapes and determine the type of interface material, gel placement, thickness, and contours, fabric type, and order details like quantity, shipping method and more.

Online Order Forms
Clinicians working with both cast and CAD files may use our online order forms for new and duplicate Alpha DESIGN Liner orders.  These easy-to-navigate forms allow clinicians to attach purchase orders and shape files up to 40 MB. Once an order is submitted with a click of a button, clinicians may download a PDF of the order submission for their patient files as well as have a copy e-mailed to the address noted on the order.

Our goal is always to make processes simple for clinicians and their staff, which is why we offer a variety of ordering channels. Which one will you choose?

Need a little reminder sheet to help get you started and for some casting tips? We’ve got you covered…just click here.





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