Going Strong with Vacuum Suspension

Amputees such as Richard Blalock, Scott Rigsby and Shea Taylor are trailblazers in the fields of marathons, Ironman competitions, and mixed martial arts respectively. These amputee athletes each incorporate LimbLogic® VS for vacuum suspension in their prostheses and work with clinicians from ProCare Prosthetics & Orthotics of Atlanta, Georgia, who think outside the box.

Having experienced an increase in amputees nationwide seeking out their expertise, ProCare and its team of clinicians are designing and crafting proprietary socket prostheses utilizing LimbLogic VS for athletes competing in marathons, world-level track-and-field events, Ironman competitions and more.

“We recognized early on that WillowWood had designed a superior electric vacuum pump for the market,” shares Stephen A. Schulte CP LP FAAOP, CEO of ProCare Prosthetics & Orthotics. “ProCare made a commitment to advancements in socket technology, specifically in elevated vacuum. This commitment has attracted a nationwide population of VERY active amputees who demand high performance technology. LimbLogic VS is a key component to the high performance prosthetics that we design.”

LimbLogic VS provides extremely reliable and secure vacuum suspension. Amputees, especially those who are athletic, benefit from LimbLogic VS because the prosthesis responds immediately to a change in activity. Or rather the amputee athlete can be confident in their foot position because the strong vacuum suspension keeps the prosthetic socket and foot exactly where they are supposed to be. Hence, amputees don’t have to think about foot placement as much and can focus more on their endeavors.

“LimbLogic VS has proven to be very reliable and durable,” comments Steve. “WillowWood has succeeded with superior customer service, technology and design.”

We consider ourselves a partner with clinicians and we love to hear how WillowWood technology and products are used to help amputees. Thanks ProCare for sharing!

We’d love to hear about your success and achievements with LimbLogic VS. Post a comment here or drop us a note at customerservice@owwco.com.

ProCare Assessment LimbLogic VS
In ProCare’s research lab, Stephen A. Schulte assesses Scott Rigsby’s running legs, both which use LimbLogic VS, for prosthetic fit and gait analysis. For Richard Blalock to compete in the 2012 Boston Marathon, ProCare incorporated LimbLogic VS in his running prosthesis.

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