Keeping Up With Bethany!

Between managing a multimillion-dollar business, going to the gym regularly, traveling the world, and chasing her 3-year-old son around in the hot Texas weather, Bethany is about as busy and active as it gets.

Like all amputees, Bethany had trouble regulating her body temperature. Going from tough workouts in the gym to her busy work schedule, she would often get overheated. She would frequently have to empty the excess sweat from the liner, and she would lose so much volume that she eventually couldn’t even keep her prosthetic on.

Bethany had always been extremely active, and she wasn’t going to let her amputation slow her down. She needed a solution that could keep up with her lifestyle.

New Heat Management Technology

The SmartTemp Gel Liner is an innovative new solution, utilizing a proprietary blend of TPE gel and heat absorption technology to regulate skin temperature, absorb heat, and delay the onset of sweat. It works similarly to the Alpha SmartTemp Silicone Liner, but utilizes brand-new heat management technology.

In fact, participants in a randomized clinical study experienced a 48% reduction in sweat while wearing the Alpha SmartTemp Gel Liner compared to a standard gel liner.

For Bethany, the benefits were immediate and drastic. The first time she cleaned her house on a hot, 90-degree Texas day, she could feel the sweat on her head, her face, every part of her except her limb. Two-and-a-half hours of scrubbing, and she didn’t once have to take off her liner to empty the sweat. It was a profound moment for Bethany.

At her gym, where she works out with other adaptive athletes, she is the only person who doesn’t have to empty excess sweat.

“When others have to take theirs off to dump the sweat out, not this gal. I’m cool, calm, collected, and ready to confidently take on my world everyday with WillowWood!”

Better Comfort, Better Limb Health

The Alpha SmartTemp Gel Liner utilizes one-way stretch Select fabric to control pistoning without the need of a distal matrix, while allowing circumferential stretch for easy donning. The flexible knee panel of abrasion-resistant fabric permits comfortable, easy flexion without pulling and tightening at the knee. The panel and the thin gel behind the knee allow for comfort when sitting or bending for extended periods of time.

With the reduction of sweat within the liner, chafing and skin breakdown may be reduced while suspension strength of the prosthesis may be improved. Bethany didn’t experience any pressure, friction, or sores, and the Alpha SmartTemp Gel Liner didn’t pull on her skin or slide around, even during the course of her most active days. It went on and stayed on, a perfect fit.

“WillowWood’s Alpha SmartTemp Gel Liner keeps me in the game!”

Durability That Lasts

With all of Bethany’s previous gel liners, she has experienced notable wear. She has a bone pronouncement below her knee, which would damage the gel inside other liners, even with extra padding. She would constantly have to trade them out on warranty.

But with the Alpha SmartTemp Gel Liner, Bethany hasn’t experienced any holes, cracks, or damage in the gel, and the exterior and elastic have remained as durable as they were on day one.

“WillowWood liners get me to the finish line every time!”

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