Walk Confidently and Comfortably In the New LimbLogic® M

New to the WillowWood product line, the LimbLogic M elevated vacuum pump creates a flexible option for transtibial applications that provides stability, security, and comfort. With easily adjustable vacuum and stiffness settings, this solution caters to a wide range of amputees. The LimbLogic M is equipped with shock absorption, so impact on the limb is considerably reduced.

When commenting on the LimbLogic M, Gary, a transtibial amputee, noted that his limb health has improved since he started using the pump.

“I’m on my feet a good 12 to 16 hours a day, sometimes even longer. This has kept my stump pretty healthy. In the past I’ve had issues and those issues seem to have gone away now. I think the mechanical pump is a big help; it’s really contributed to that,” Gary said.

Unlike electric pumps that have to be charged, the LimbLogic M is mechanical, so it doesn’t use a battery. Additionally, it doesn’t have any fobs or make any noise; clinicians may make adjustments with the simple turn of a screw. These qualities allow the pump to be maintenance-free, which is ideal for clinicians and patients alike. It allows amputees to focus on what’s most important to them rather than focusing on the operation of their elevated vacuum system.

“The LimbLogic M has allowed me to not worry about something. I have five grandkids. We do a lot of hiking and biking, so it’s nice to have the mechanical system. I can just put on it and go. We have a pretty active life with our grandkids and we like going places with them,” Gary said.

To learn more about the LimbLogic M and start your worry-free journey, click here.


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