Mechanical Elevated Vacuum or Electronic Elevated Vacuum

Elevated vacuum systems provide outstanding reliability and security, and WillowWood offers two types of systems: LimbLogic®, our electronic system, and the new LimbLogic M, our mechanical system.

Here’s how to help decide which system is right for you.

Mechanical elevated vacuum is the ideal solution for amputees who prefer a low-maintenance, easy-to-use system. It is also the perfect way for new amputees to get started with elevated vacuum.

What makes it so simple to use? There are no electronic settings that need to be adjusted, there’s little-to-no maintenance, and you don’t have to worry about charging it.

That makes it great for people who are active outside for long periods of time, or for people who often don’t have convenient access to an electrical outlet. It’s also great for people who work in construction or other fields where there is a lot dust and debris, which could interfere with the sensors in the electronic LimbLogic system.

For amputees who are already familiar with elevated vacuum and would like more control and more responsiveness, electronic systems check all the boxes.

Electronic elevated vacuum systems are equipped with sensors that continuously monitor vacuum level and make real-time adjustments, and they provide indications when something isn’t working properly.

Because electronic systems are more sensitive to changes in activity, they are a great choice for both high and low activity amputees. Clinical studies suggest consistent vacuum throughout the day establishes a more stable and healthy residual limb[1]. Electronic systems provide a consistent vacuum even when you’re not moving around.

For more information, talk to your clinician about which system is best for you.

  1. [1] Street, GM: Vacuum suspension and its effects on the limb. Orthopadie-Technik Quarterly. 2007;2-4.



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  1. Perry Gladden says:

    I have a BK amputation. I have never heard of an elevated vacuum system. Can anyone tell me what it does? I am ready for a new prosthetic am looking for the best replacement for me. Thank you.

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