NEW! LimbLogic® Service Kit

Whether it’s a long run or a big public speaking engagement, we all have scenarios that make us sweat. No big deal, right? It might not be, but excessive sweating can lead to the buildup of salt crystals in an electronic LimbLogic elevated vacuum pump, which may lead to clogs.

The LimbLogic® Service Kit equips clinicians with the necessary tools to replace check valves in electronic LimbLogic units from the convenience of their office. The new field service kit enables clinicians to remove and replace check valves in an electronic LimbLogic unit reducing or eliminating patient downtime. That’s a win for everyone!

The LimbLogic Service Kit includes:

  • Extraction tool
  • Check valves (4)
  • Spacer rings (2)
  • Stainless steel screen filters (4)
  • Exhaust tube (2)
  • Exhaust port elbow/tube fitting (2)
  • Acrylic disc
  • Proximal gasket
  • Durable canvas pouch

Run out of a specific component? No problem. It’s easy to replenish kits by ordering individual parts. Don’t sweat the small clogs. Order your LimbLogic Service Kit today.

Clinicians may perform a variety of diagnostic tests on a user’s LimbLogic unit. To aid clinicians and to see how to use the LimbLogic Service Kit, check out our instructional video.


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