Fusion Foot: The Shocking Truth

Winter 2011

The Shocking Truth

True or False: The Fusion® Foot provides vertical shock absorption.

Answer: TRUE.

Vertical shock absorption is provided by the Fusion Foot and has been since the foot’s release. But we’re still hearing of some doubts and contradictions from others in the market. Take it from us…we know what we’re talking about.

Our test data shows that the Fusion clearly exhibits vertical displacement under load. As always, the final coding decision rests with the practitioner, but we suggest that L5987 (shank foot system with vertical loading pylon) is entirely appropriate for this foot.

Questions? E-mail us at customerservice@owwco.com or call 800.848.4930 to speak with a WillowWood prosthetist. Or better yet, call and ask one of our product specialists to stop by and show you the Fusion Foot…vertical shock absorption and all.

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