OMEGA Manual Check-In

Spring 2011

OMEGA Tech Tip: Checking In

If you are an OMEGA® user, you know that you must “check in” with the OMEGA web site on a regular basis. This process was designed to protect you in the event that your software license is lost or stolen, and to inform you of new updates or features.

Typically, the check-in process is accomplished via the Internet connection to your OMEGA computer. However, if that computer is not connected to the Internet, you must perform a Manual Check-In. Initially, this required a phone call to our office, which is not always convenient for you…especially if you would like to check in during a time when our office is not open.

We are happy to announce that, if you have an Internet connection on a computer other than your OMEGA computer, you may now perform a Manual Check-in without having to make a phone call.

After you click Manual Check-in on the OMEGA computer, write down the Update Number and Tracer Version that are displayed. Go to a computer that does have an Internet connection and follow this link: Enter the Update Number and Tracer Version into the appropriate boxes, then click Submit. Write down the Update Key that appears on screen. Go back to your OMEGA computer, enter the Update Key into the Manual Check-In window, then click Update. You’re all set!

Please call OMEGA Tech Support at 800.872.2373 or 740.869.3377 if you have any questions about this process or any other aspect of the system.

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