A Word to our Customers

November 18, 2013

A Word to our Customers

On Nov. 1, a federal court in Florida ruled that WillowWood could no longer sell Alpha® Classic and Hybrid Liners and Sleeves containing its Advanced Gel formula because it infringed on a U.S. patent held by a competitor. While we respectfully disagree with the court’s decision, we must and will comply with the court order. Our Alpha Silicone Liners and LimbLogic® Sleeves are not impacted by the court’s order and continue to be available.

We expect to ask the Court for clearance to provide other alternatives to our Advanced Gel formula and will update this when the Court has considered and ruled on this.

Though we are dismayed by these outcomes, we remain dedicated to providing our customers the high-quality products they have come to trust and expect from the WillowWood brand. In fact, in the next few weeks we’ll be introducing a new Express Liner featuring soft silicone, which will retrofit with previously sold WillowWood Liners.

We greatly appreciate the continued support and patience of our employees, distributors, practitioners and patients and look forward to bringing this new liner to market soon.
List of product lines ruled to infringe:

Alpha DESIGN Liner

  • Alpha DESIGN BK Liners, locking & cushion
  • Alpha DESIGN AK Liners, locking & cushion

Alpha Classic Liners

  • Alpha Classic Liners with Original Fabric, locking & cushion
  • Alpha Classic MP Liners, locking & cushion
  • Alpha Classic Liners with Spirit Fabric, locking & cushion
  • Alpha Clasic Liners with MAX Fabric, locking & cushion
  • Alpha Classic Liners with Select Fabric, locking & cushion
  • Alpha Classic AK Liners with Spirit Fabric, locking & cushion
  • Alpha Classic AK Liners with MAX Fabric, locking & cushion
  • Alpha Classic Pediatric Liners, locking & cushion
  • Alpha Classic Upper Extremity Liners, locking & cushion

Alpha Hybrid Liners

  • Alpha Hybrid Liners, locking & cushion
  • Alpha Hybrid AK Liners, locking & cushion

Suspension Sleeves

  • Alpha Classic Sleeve with Original Fabric
  • Alpha Classic Sleeve with Spirit Fabric
  • Alpha Hybrid Sleeve
  • Alpha Hybrid AK Sleeve

Alpha Accessories

  • Alpha Volume Management Pads
  • Alpha Gel Cups
  • Alpha Socket Pads

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