WillowWood Advances the META® Foot Line

August 7, 2023

Hugo Rubin


Mount Sterling, Ohio – August 7, 2023 – In 2021 WillowWood Launched the Meta® Arc, the first of five innovative feet which today make up the Meta foot line. Building on the success of the META feet, WillowWood has further enhanced its Unibody Platform to deliver a more effortless rollover and seamless transition across gait phases. ​The revolutionary META feet combine responsive energy return with balance, stability, and impact protection. All META feet feature the industry’s first unibody platform, free of hardware for a minimal and lightweight, but durable design. 

WillowWood’s META foot line features our META-Unibody® platform with ultra-low build height ranging from 4.1” (105mm) – 5.5” (138 mm) which allow versatile fitting options for a variety of limb lengths. All META® Feet are PDAC approved. 

“The enhancements to our META foot line represent the translation of the latest research and development findings into practice and reflect WillowWood’s commitment to extend the boundaries of our technology. The innovative Meta Feet continue to be of great outcomes research interest as evidenced by the multiple grants awarded and new ones being pursued.”
– Matt Wernke, Director of R&D of WillowWood 

“At WillowWood we strive to surpass customer expectations. With the Meta Unibody Platform enhancements, we continue to drive toward our goal of making available a Meta Foot that can improve the outcome of all lower-limb amputees!”
– Otto Fernandez, Chief Commercial Officer of WillowWood 


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