WillowWood Custom Liner Offerings Expanded

February 1, 2012

Contact: Lisa Watkins

WillowWood Custom Liner Offerings Expanded

Due to popular demand of the Alpha® Hybrid Liner and customer requests, WillowWood is pleased to announce that clinicians may now order Alpha DESIGN® Liners with Select fabric and Hybrid gel for transtibial and transfemoral applications.

Clinicians may create custom liners with any of the liner fabric options and either Alpha Classic gel or Hybrid gel. The Hybrid gel is a more firm durometer than Classic gel and serves as a bridge between Classic gel and silicone. The one-way stretch Select fabric controls pistoning yet has circumferential stretch for easy donning.

When ordering, use the same DESIGN Liner part number previously used and complete the order form with your choice of fabric and gel type. Lead time for DESIGN Liners with Hybrid gel is five to seven business days. Ordering capability within OMEGA® will be available in Version 12.1.

Find Your Liner Part Number

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