WillowWood Global Welcomes New Chief Commercial Officer To Executive Leadership

February 1st, 2022

Contact: Linda Wise


WillowWood is excited to announce the rounding out of its executive leadership with the addition of Otto Fernandez as the company’s new chief commercial officer. Fernandez brings over twenty-five years of experience to the role, including twelve years at Össur where he was VP Marketing for Prosthetics and Bracing, and then ran the Orthopedic Bracing business unit in North America. Prior to Össur, Fernandez also spent twelve years at DuPont in Latin America and the US, where his roles included leading global product management for DuPont Kevlar® and global business management for DuPont Tyvek®. At WillowWood, Otto’s focus will be ramping up sales in the US and international markets and leading the marketing and education teams to support our customers and sales efforts.

“It’s a privilege to be joining WillowWood at this pivotal time in its 115-year history,” shared Fernandez. “It has been exciting to witness the rapid growth of WillowWood’s ever expanding liner portfolio while also entering into new areas such as high activity feet. I am looking forward to leading and working with the talented team at WillowWood to accelerate growth, integrate acquisitions and help the company realize its full potential.”

“Given WillowWood’s commitment to advancing innovation, the timing is right for us to step-up our commercial efforts” said Daniel Rubin, WillowWood’s Chief Operating Officer. “Otto brings the experience and knowhow to successfully position our product portfolio with its focus on improved outcomes.”

Mahesh Mansukhani, WillowWood’s Chief Executive Officer added, “I am so very pleased to reacquaint with Otto in a working capacity, having been colleagues with him at Össur and DuPont. Otto brings a wealth of experience in O&P and international commercial leadership, in addition to having integrated multiple acquisitions throughout his career. WillowWood is ready to outperform, and with Otto now on-board, we feel even more confident in our growth trajectory.”

About WillowWood Global

WillowWood, the prosthetic industry leader enabling the best clinical outcomes for amputees, designs, manufactures, and distributes prosthetic devices , including the Alpha® family of liners featuring Smart Temp® technology, LimbLogic® elevated vacuum, Meta™ family of high activity feet, and custom solutions. Headquartered in Ohio, WillowWood has a network of over twenty global distribution partners. For more information about WillowWood and its products and services, visit www.willowwood.com.

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