WillowWood Ramping Up Software Development

June 8, 2011

Contact: Lisa Watkins
Phone: 800-553-3445 ext. 106

WillowWood Ramping Up Software Development

As the use of CAD/CAM technology continues to grow within the orthotic, prosthetic, and pedorthic industry, continual improvement and expanded functionality are the lifeblood of an effective system. OMEGA®, the leading CAD system in the industry, is slated for extra attention from WillowWood’s development team, expanding the system’s scope and increasing its box of user-friendly, virtual tools.

WillowWood has earnestly sought to dedicate clinical expertise with CAD specifically to the ongoing development and improvement of OMEGA. WillowWood is pleased to announce Jennifer Dowell, CPO, is joining the company to help ramp up the capabilities of OMEGA, ultimately allowing clinicians to reap rewards in greater functionality and more positive patient outcomes than previously achieved.

“Jennifer is widely recognized by her clinical peers as being a leader in CAD and how the technology benefits patients and clinicians,” stated Ryan Arbogast, general manager of WillowWood. “We’re thrilled to have her industry knowledge and talents devoted to advancing OMEGA’s clinical capabilities and to educating clinicians on using CAD in their practice.”

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