WillowWood Releases New ‘Soft’ Silicone Liners

December 12, 2013

Contact: Lisa Watkins
740.869.3377 ext. 106

WillowWood Releases New ‘Soft’ Silicone Liners

Building upon its extensive expertise in manufacturing prosthetic liners, WillowWood has engineered a new silicone formula that replicates the performance and comfort levels of thermoplastic elastomer liners.

WillowWood’s new Express Liner features a softer-durometer silicone. The silicone formula was developed specifically for amputees who are used to wearing TPE liners. The new WillowWood Express Liners contain Vitamin E for fostering a healthy environment for residual limbs.

Initial ordering options for the Express Liner are limited to specific base thicknesses and profiles. Express Liners are currently offered in the uniform profile and in Original, buff-colored fabric. Sizes available include Medium, Medium Plus, and Large in a 6 mm base thickness and Large in a 9 mm base thickness. Express Liners with the uniform profile retrofit with 6 mm and 9 mm uniform Alpha® Classic and Hybrid Liners of corresponding sizes and should not require a new socket. Additional sizes, base thicknesses, and profiles of Express Liners will be gradually introduced.

The introduction of the Express Liner is a result of a recent court order concerning patent infringement. WillowWood is committed to helping amputees stay comfortable and active in their prostheses. WillowWood’s research and development and production teams worked quickly to develop a high-quality silicone formula that would be suitable for amputees who are used to wearing TPE liners and rely upon the comfort of Alpha Liners.

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