WillowWood’s New Sleeve for Elevated Vacuum

October 1, 2012

Contact: Lisa Watkins
1.800.848.4930 ext. 106

WillowWood’s New Sleeve for Elevated Vacuum

LimbLogic® VS is a popular choice among clinicians for providing patients with elevated vacuum. We’re excited to share the next big improvement for amputees using elevated vacuum: the LimbLogic Sleeve.

New to the product line, the LimbLogic Sleeve works with the vacuum controller to ensure an airtight, secure system. This fabric-covered silicone sleeve comes with a separate silicone cuff. The cuff is placed directly over the socket’s trim line for extra protection from wear and impact. The sleeve is then donned over the cuff.

This clever, yet simple, design allows the cuff to be repositioned. Should a user of elevated vacuum puncture their sleeve, they can immediately rotate the cuff and regain an airtight seal.

Additionally, the fabric used on the LimbLogic Sleeve enhances knee flexibility for ease and comfort of movement.

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