OMEGA®: NEW! Alpha DESIGN® Liner Functionality and Internal Tracing Ability

The newly revamped OMEGA® now offers two easy ways for users to design a gel profile for patients. Users can select the ‘Customer will design liners’ function to design the gel profile themselves, or select the ‘WillowWood will design liner’ function to send a shape file and instructions to an Alpha DESIGN® Technician who will create the gel profile.\

Other DESIGN features include updates to the Measurements pane to display liner measurements and the ability to turn liner on and off in the Views pane. In addition, the software now has a Disarticulation Buildup tool, which allows the contoured area above a bulbous distal end to be easily filled with gel.

Users can now use the software to perform internal tracing with the Tracer Pen. The new Tracing app may be launched from within OMEGA to create either an Alpha DESIGN Liner or a socket.

Refer to the OMEGA® New Features Guide Version 1.6.1 for detailed instructions on using these new features.


2 responses to “OMEGA®: NEW! Alpha DESIGN® Liner Functionality and Internal Tracing Ability”

  1. chad marquis says:

    I am planning to scan using the structure sensor and your Omega app. I am going to need a design custom liner for a TT patient who has some invaginations on the distal end. Is this the proper medium to provide a model for the fabrication?

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