High Activity Prosthetic Feet
Go beyond. Go META.

WillowWood’s revolutionary META® line of prosthetic feet combines convenience and comfort with increasing ranges of functionality. The first one-piece carbon, hardware-free feet available, the META® line has options for every higher activity user.

META® Feet Features

  • Unibody design
  • No hardware or wraps
  • Split keel
  • Lightweight carbon fiber
  • Corrosion resistant and waterproof

Meta Shock X Carbon

Meta Core

The META Core delivers natural roll-over and greater support for K3 – K4 users. With a low-build height and weight, the enhanced META unibody plate design maximizes energy return and provides increased foot flexibility.

Meta Arc

The perfect stability foot for the moderate- to high-activity user, the META Arc includes an integrated polycentric ankle that rotates 20° and slides 12 mm to maintain standing balance on any surface.

Meta Shock

Maximum vertical impact protection, in the smallest form factor. The META Shock features a dual bumper shock module that provides a broad range of low and high shock absorption.

Meta Shock X Carbon

Merging shock absorption and rotation, the META Shock X offers 40° of torsional rotation for even more motion and functionality.

Meta Shock X Fiberglass

Responsive dual-bumper shock absorption and 40° of torsional rotation reflexively adapt to terrain promoting natural rotational movement, smooth gait, and comfort and to support a broad range of activities in compliant, durable fiberglass.

FiberGlass Meta Core

WillowWood’s patent-pending breakthrough technology, the Unibody™ platform – free of wraps and hardware, achieves light-weight design while delivering a smooth roll-over and a feeling of security and safety for fiberglass users.

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