WillowWood® Express AK Liner


WillowWood’s Express AK Liner is a softer-durometer silicone that replicates the feel and comfort of TPE gel liners. The platinum-cured, medical-grade silicone contains skin-friendly Vitamin E to foster a healthy limb environment. And true to WillowWood form, no messy lotions or creams are necessary to don the liner. WillowWood Express AK Cushion Liners use Spirit or Select fabric while the WillowWood Express AK Locking Liners use the Select fabric or the one-way stretch MAX fabric.

The specifics for this liner are: AK Profile and fabric colors of either buff or dark gray. Size offering is limited to Large Plus only. WillowWood Express Liners may have a lead time of up to 10 days. Ask about availability when ordering.

Product Highlights:
  • Retrofits with Alpha Classic AK Liners with the AK Profile
  • Uses a custom silicone that is formulated specifically for gel liner wearers
  • Available in Cushion and Locking
  • WillowWood Express AK Locking Liner has a standard distal umbrella
  • Compatible with elevated vacuum when using Select fabric
Profile AK Profile
Interface Material Soft Silicone




Buff | MAX or Spirit
Dark Gray | Select

Spirit or Select (Cushion only)
MAX or Select (Locking only

Cushion or Locking

Size Large Plus
Trial Period
30 days from date of patient fitting
Warranty 12 months from date of patient fitting
U.S. L-Code Suggestions L5673 Locking Liner (bill once per liner)
L5679 Cushion Liner (bill once per liner)

Please note that drying stands are not included with Alpha Liners. Available separately in most countries.

For locking liners, WillowWood strongly recommends applying Loc-Tite Removable Threadlocker 242 (or equivalent) to the pin threads prior to installing the pin. Failure to ensure that the locking pin is secure in the Locking Liner could result in the pin coming out of the liner, resulting in the potential for injury to the amputee.

Please note that drying stands are not included with Alpha Liners. Available separately in most countries.

WillowWood® Express AK Liner Part Numbers

LOCKING: Part Numbers

E431-2198 WillowWood Express AK Locking, AK Profile, MAX Fabric, Large Plus
E441-2498 WillowWood Express AK Locking, AK Profile, Select Fabric, Large Plus

CUSHION: Part Numbers

E410-2198 WillowWood Express AK Cushion, AK Profile, Spirit Fabric, Large Plus
E440-2498 WillowWood Express AK Cushion, AK Profile, Select Fabric, Large Plus

Important Information for Amputees
Prosthetist Quick Reference Guide for Alpha Liners, Multi-Language
Alpha Liner Manual
Alpha Liner Manual, Spanish
WillowWood® Express AK Liners Sizing Guide
A Look at Retrofitting with the WillowWood Express Liners

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