Endoskeletal Components

Endoskeletal Components

Endoskeletal components shouldn’t be overlooked or undervalued.

These components, while small in size, are used for aligning and attaching feet, ankles, and knees. The most common type of endoskeletal system is the pyramid system. A component with four angled sides (a pyramid adapter or male pyramid) connects to another component (pyramid receiver or female pyramid) by means of four set screws. Adjust set screws to provide inversion/eversion and dorsiflexion/planterflexion.

Developed to ease alignment and minimize the number of necessary components, WillowWood has several unique endoskeletal products. These unique components include our slide adapters, angle offset plates, and 20 mm offset 4-Hole adapter. Our Laminated Socket Attachment Block is our most popular exclusive component.

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