Whether you provide prosthetic services, orthotic services, or both, OMEGA’s clinical capabilities can increase your company’s productivity and performance. We’re continually working on expanding OMEGA’s prosthetic and orthotic capatilibies.

Lower Limb Prosthetics

Use OMEGA to create check sockets and definitive sockets quickly and easily. Save your patients’ time and increase their comfort by eliminating plaster.

OMEGA offers several options for capturing lower limb shapes:

  • Use the OMEGA Scanner 3D or the OMEGA Structure Sensor to capture transtibial and transfemoral shapes
  • For basic transfemoral shapes, simply apply the patient’s measurements to a template in the software
  • Merge transfemoral shapes with the OMEGA Scanner 3D to customize the brim line and ensure patient comfort

Once a shape is captured, you can modify the captured shape using the system’s extensive suite of software tools.


Cranial Orthotics

The OMEGA Scanner 3D provides a safe, pain-free method for capturing the shape of an infant’s head without a plaster cast.

  • Cranial remolding helmet
    • For positional plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, scaphocephaly, or post-operative craniosynostotic helmets
    • Captured shape must be sent to an FDA-approved manufacturing site (Becker, Danmar, or Orthomerica)
  • Protective helmet
    • Not a regulated medical device
    • Captured shape can be sent to the fabricating facility of your choice


Ankle Foot Orthotics

Choose an AFO option according to a patient’s needs:

  • Patients with mild deformities or drop foot
    • Scan the patient directly using the OMEGA Scanner 3D
    • Increase your patient’s comfort and convenience by eliminating plaster entirely
  • Patients who require significant corrective positioning during shape capture

Modify the shape as desired using OMEGA’s Design Stack then send to the fabrication facility of your choice.

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