OMEGA Software Tools

OMEGA Software Tools

Do everything you can do with plaster – and more – with OMEGA! Make precise modifications with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The software tools in OMEGA are divided into three types:

  • Tools for Shape Capture: These tools include scanning a shape, shape alignment, landmark identification and more.
  • Tools for Design Modification: Various tools are included such as general build and carve, adjusting circumference globally, creating shelves, goniometer tool to measure current angle and change to new angle and more.
  • Tools for Fabrication: For prosthetics these straightforward tools prepare a shape for carving and for check sockets. Orthotic fabrication tools allow for selecting fabrication partners and meeting their requirements.




Clinicians may customize the order of tools to suit personal workflow preferences.






The alignment tool now offers multiple perspectives   at one time.



omega-posterior-shelf-posterior-medial-view-150Modifications are color-coded on the model to help identify where modifications have been made on the shape. Reductions are shown in red.
Additions are shown in blue.

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