Mini G-Lock


The Mini G-Lock is designed to meet the needs of upper extremity and pediatric amputees. The Mini G-Lock has a standard pin locking mechanism with pin seal. The design of this small lock allows the user to secure the locking pin in place at the nearest groove. The Mini G-Lock is CAD-friendly but still easy to use in tradi­tional fabrication processes. The Mini G-Lock can be used in both exoskeletal and endoskeletal prostheses. Only use this lock with laminated sockets. A fabrication tooling kit is required for use with the Mini G-Lock.

Product Highlights:
  • Designed for upper extremity and pediatric applications
  • Suitable for exoskeletal and endoskeletal prostheses
  • Easy to fabricate
Weight 67 g
Patient Weight Limit 132 lbs (60 kg)
Warranty 12 months from date of patient fitting
U.S. L-Code Suggestions L5671
Product No. Description
700-MGL480 Mini G-Lock
700-MGL490 Mini G-Lock Body Only

Mini G-Lock Fabrication Instructions

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