Alpha Hybrid® Sleeve


Featuring a highly flexible fabric for greater comfort, flexibility and increased range of motion, the Alpha Hybrid Sleeve may be used with locking suspension, suction suspension, or with LimbLogic® for creating an airtight seal. The Alpha Hybrid Sleeve uses hybrid gel which provides a balance of greater durability with comfort. For even more durability, the Alpha Hybrid Sleeve features a contoured polyurethane pad on the interior fabric cuff. This pad, which covers the typical socket brim, helps reduce damage to the seal due to impacts in the brim area.

Product Highlights:
  • Features Hybrid Gel
  • Flexible fabric available in black or buff
  • Interior polyurethane pad at brim provides extra protection
  • Available in seven sizes
Sizes Seven sizes (Sizes 2 through 8)
Colors Buff
Gel Thickness 3 mm
Trial Period No trial period offered
Warranty 3 months from date of patient fitting
U.S. L-Code Suggestion L5685


Alpha Hybrid Sleeve Sample Part Number

Name Code ALS ALS = Alpha Hybrid Sleeve
Fabric 5 5 = Flex
Size 2 2 = Size 2
3 = Size 3
4 = Size 4
5 = Size 5
6 = Size 6
7 = Size 7
8 = Size 8
Color B
B = Buff
K = Black

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