Suction Pyramid


The Suction Pyramid is the recommended suspension product for laminated sockets. Its one-way air expulsion valve is contained within a four-hole pyramid adapter and bolted onto the distal end of the socket. Available in either stainless steel or titanium, the Suction Pyramid can be purchased by itself or in a kit with a Laminated Socket Attachment Block.

Product Highlights:
  • Available in Stainless Steel or Titanium
  • Purchase by itself or in a kit
Weight 100 g stainless steel
64 g titanium
Patient Weight Limit 250 lbs (115 kg)
Warranty 12 months from date of patient fitting
U.S. L-Code Suggestions L5647 or L5652
Product No. Description
700-SP460 Suction Pyramid Kit – Stainless Steel
700-SP461 Suction Pyramid – Stainless Steel (100 g)
700-SP470 Suction Pyramid Kit – Titanium
700-SP471 Suction Pyramid – Titanium (64 g)
MHD-SP4 Magnum Titanium 4-Hole Suction Pyramid

Suction Pyramid Instructions

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Suction Pyramid Fabrication
This video explores the features, fabrication techniques and reimbursement suggestions for both the Suction Spacer Plate and the Suction Pyramid.

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