Alpha® Volume Management Pads


To help manage daily volume changes, place the Alpha Volume Management Pad between the limb and the liner in areas where volume has been lost. This product is a great alternative to socks for managing daily volume changes. Available in a set of three different sizes (small, medium, and large), the pads are made of the same skin-friendly Classic gel that is used in Alpha Liners. Pads may be stacked on top of each other when necessary.

Product Highlights:
  • Available in a set of three different sizes
  • Each pad is 3 mm thick of Classic gel
  • Use just where volume has been lost rather than around the entire limb
Gel Classic Gel
Gel Thickness 3 mm
Warranty 30 days from date of patient fitting
Product No. Description
ALA-VM Volume Management Pads
ALA-VM-LG Volume Management Pads, Large, set of 3
ALA-VM-MD Volume Management Pads, Medium, set of 3
ALA-VM-SM Volume Management Pads, Small, set of 3

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