Thank You, Good Samaritans

Thank you. Just two little words, but they can convey so much emotion. For an individual who receives prosthetic care or a prosthesis free-of-charge from a generous clinician or as part of a mission trip abroad, the simple phrase of ‘Thank you’ may be the easiest way to convey a flood of emotions.

In a period of  federal healthcare changes, industry audits, and shrinking reimbursements, we felt it right to say thank you to clinicians and patient care facilities within the orthotic and prosthetic community who generously help those in need simply because it is the right thing to do. These clinicians generously donate their time and resources to help amputees within their local communities, to travel abroad as part of prosthetic and medical mission trips, or donate prosthetic components to organizations like Limbs for Life and Physicians for Peace.  These generous actions change the lives of amputees.

WillowWood is proud to be part of an industry that has such generous hearts. Thank you!


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