Tips & Tricks: LimbLogic Thermoplastic Drop-In Adapter


Here’s something you may not know: LimbLogic® isn’t just compatible with laminate sockets. It also works with thermoplastic sockets, thanks to the LimbLogic Thermoplastic Drop-In Adapter.

Thermoplastic is an ideal material to use in a basic definitive socket, and it’s one of the safest solutions for an extended walking trial for vacuum diagnostics and fittings.

With the Thermoplastic Drop-In Adapter for LimbLogic applications, clinicians can perform more precise assessments of vacuum socket performance, which result in a definitive socket that fits better and a reduced chance that it will need to be remade because of fit issues after delivery. Plus, the clear thermoplastic allows for greater monitoring and alteration during the testing period. That saves both time and money in the long-term rehabilitation plan.

Thermoplastic is also better for testing and safer for long-term use due to the creation of a double seal during fabrication and assembly. A clinician fabricates a custom distal pad that is inserted inside the socket along with the thermoplastic drop-in adapter, which creates an airtight seal in the socket. A second airtight seal is then created when the LimbLogic unit is mounted below the socket using a standard 4-hole system and two proximal gaskets.

These features are unique to the LimbLogic Thermoplastic Drop-In Adapter and are not available with the lamination option—and they are very useful when conducting clinical assessments. The LimbLogic Thermoplastic Drop-In Adapter is recommended for use only with the electronic version of LimbLogic.


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