Alpha® Classic MP

Amputation Level
Transtibial (BK)
Suspension Method

The Alpha Classic MP is the most popular liner offered within the Alpha Classic family. The MP configuration is available in green/gray Original fabric, 6mm uniform profile and across six sizes in locking and cushion. 

The Classic gel formulation is characterized by high flow (ensuring adaptability to changing socket pressures) and low rebound (ensuring that the liner adapts to the user’s limb shape over time)


Uniform 6mm, Original Fabric

Part Number Profile Color Size
ALC-5063-E Uniform Green/Gray Small
ALC-5060-E Uniform Green/Gray Medium
ALC-5064-E Uniform Green/Gray Medium+
ALC-5066-E Uniform Green/Gray Large
ALC-5068-E Uniform Green/Gray Large+
ALC-5067-E Uniform Green/Gray Extra Large
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Skin-friendly all-purpose liner for transtibial users

Amputation Level
Transtibial (BK)
Suspension Method