Alpha® Design

Alpha® Design AK

Amputation Level
Transfemoral (AK)

WillowWood’s Alpha Design® AK liner solution is the largest selling custom liner solution offering practitioners liner configurations for users with challenging transfemoral limb shapes that are not adequately served by off the shelf solutions. Practitioners can customize gel patterns, placement and thicknesses in-line with their patient needs and choose from a variety of fabric and profile options to design a purpose-built solution that leverages WillowWood’s decades of experience in liner design.


12 months from date of patient fitting*
U.S. L-Code Suggestion
L5681 or L5683 (Initial liner, bill once per liner)
L5679 (Duplicate cushion liner) OR
L5673 (Duplicate locking liner)
L8417 (Gel Sock)
Lead Time: Classic Gel
5 days
Lead Time: Hybrid Gel
10 days
Lead Time: Duo (Fabric-Free)
10 days

Design Liner Options

Interface Fabric Color
Hybrid Select Gray or Taupe
Hybrid Spirit Buff or Brown or Green/Gray
Hybrid Original Buff or Brown or Green/Gray
Hybrid Max Buff
Classic Select Gray or Taupe
Classic Spirit Buff or Brown or Green/Gray
Classic Original Buff or Brown or Green/Gray
Classic Max Buff
Color Options
Interface Fabric Color
Duo Fabricless (Satin Finish) Dark Gray
Color Options
Dark Gray