Boltless Unibody®
Unibody platform
eliminates need for
hardware and
maximizes energy return
Split keel and
sandal toe
Waterproof and
corrosion resistant

META® Flow

Carbon Fiber
Activity Level
K3, K4

WillowWood’s groundbreaking dynamic, active dorsi-flexion foot that replicates a safe and natural walking experience, without compromising on energy return – the plantar– and dorsi-flexion RoM helps users conform to slopes and variations in terrain.


Foot Size
22-30 cm
Heel Height
10 mm (3/8")
862g **Std. Size 26 Cat. 5 with foot shell and sock
U.S. Warranty Information
Foot: 36 months from date of patient fitting
Foot Shell: 6 months from date of patient fitting
Trial Period
60 days from date of patient fitting
Build Height
112mm (4.41”)
PDAC Approved L-Codes

Ordering Guidelines

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