Alpha® Control

Amputation Level
Transhumeral, Transradial
Suspension Method

WillowWood’s Alpha Control Liner System is a pathbreaking locking liner solution that serves as an alternative to commonly used socket-embedded electrode systems used with upper extremity pattern recognition solutions. The system’s integrated electrode design ensures consistent contact and improved signal fidelity. The Control Lock transmits EMG signals to the Coapt Gen 2 Controller for pattern learning.

Practitioners experience an easier fitting and evaluation process with less time spent on adjustments while patients experience increased device comfort, a wider range of motion and expanded functional envelope.

Uniform 3mm Profile, Select Fabric, Taupe Color

Part Numbers

Alpha Control Liner System

Part Number Lead Length Size
ACLS-049-X06 6 cm Extra Small
ACLS-049-X08 8 cm Extra Small
ACLS-049-X10 10 cm Extra Small
ACLS-049-X12 12 cm Extra Small
ACLS-049-X14 14 cm Extra Small
ACLS-049-X16 16 cm Extra Small
ACLS-049-X18 18 cm Extra Small
ACLS-049-X20 20 cm Extra Small
ACLS-049-X22 22 cm Extra Small
ACLS-049-S06 6 cm Small
ACLS-049-S08 8 cm Small
ACLS-049-S10 10 cm Small
ACLS-049-S12 12 cm Small
ACLS-049-S14 14 cm Small
ACLS-049-S16 16 cm Small
ACLS-049-S18 18 cm Small
ACLS-049-S20 20 cm Small
ACLS-049-S22 22 cm Small
ACLS-049-M06 6 cm Medium
ACLS-049-M08 8 cm Medium
ACLS-049-M10 10 cm Medium
ACLS-049-M12 12 cm Medium
ACLS-049-M14 14 cm Medium
ACLS-049-M16 16 cm Medium
ACLS-049-M18 18 cm Medium
ACLS-049-M20 20 cm Medium
ACLS-049-M22 22 cm Medium
Color Options
Part Number Lead Length Size
ACL-049-X06 6 cm Extra Small
ACL-049-X08 8 cm Extra Small
ACL-049-X10 10 cm Extra Small
ACL-049-X12 12 cm Extra Small
ACL-049-X14 14 cm Extra Small
ACL-049-X16 16 cm Extra Small
ACL-049-X18 18 cm Extra Small
ACL-049-X20 20 cm Extra Small
ACL-049-X22 22 cm Extra Small
ACL-049-S06 6 cm Small
ACL-049-S08 8 cm Small
ACL-049-S10 10 cm Small
ACL-049-S12 12 cm Small
ACL-049-S14 14 cm Small
ACL-049-S16 16 cm Small
ACL-049-S18 18 cm Small
ACL-049-S20 20 cm Small
ACL-049-S22 22 cm Small
ACL-049-M06 6 cm Medium
ACL-049-M08 8 cm Medium
ACL-049-M10 10 cm Medium
ACL-049-M12 12 cm Medium
ACL-049-M14 14 cm Medium
ACL-049-M16 16 cm Medium
ACL-049-M18 18 cm Medium
ACL-049-M20 20 cm Medium
ACL-049-M22 22 cm Medium
Color Options

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