LimbLogic Sleeve


The LimbLogic Sleeve is an innovative fabric-covered silicone sleeve for use with the LimbLogic controller. The sleeve comes with a separate silicone cuff that is placed directly over the socket trim line, for protection from wear and impact. The sleeve is donned over the cuff. The cuff can easily be repositioned to fix leaks and also be rotated to ensure an airtight seal. The sleeve features a fabric designed to enhance knee flexibility for ease and comfort of movement.

Part Numbers

Part Number Description
LLS-CTSM LimbLogic Sleeve w/Cuff, Taupe, Small
LLS-CKMD LimbLogic Sleeve w/Cuff, Taupe, Medium
LLS-CTLG LimbLogic Sleeve w/Cuff, Taupe, Large
LLS-CTXL LimbLogic Sleeve w/Cuff, Taupe Extra Large
LLS-CKSM LimbLogic Sleeve w/Cuff, Black, Small
LLS-CKMD LimbLogic Sleeve w/Cuff, Black, Medium
LLS-CKLG LimbLogic Sleeve w/Cuff, Black, Large
LLS-CKXL LimbLogic Sleeve w/Cuff, Black, Extra Large
Color Options


Sleeve Thickness
Cuff Thickness
2mm at center tapering to 1.5mm proximally and distally
No trial period
3 Month warranty from date of fitting

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