Xtremity Sockets

Xtremity Sockets

Transtibial Definitive Socket Solution - thermoformable, easier and faster to fabricate alternative to traditional laminated sockets

The Xtremity Socket System utilizes a unique carbon-reinforced polymer that is precision machined to create socket Preforms – which the prosthetist can fabricate, shape and assemble in about one hour. Practitioners can also make post-delivery adjustments in a matter of minutes. The system is currently available across 7 socket preform sizes compatible with multiple suspension options.

The Xtremity Socket System does not require any grinding/trimming steps and is therefore a safer healthier alternative to traditional laminated sockets. The thermoformable nature also eliminates remakes, allows quick adjustments and has a smaller fabrication footprint making the process more efficient.

Xtremity Sockets deliver increased patient comfort via the use of the carbon polymer, efficient and easy fabrication processes for practitioners and a healthier, environment friendly fabrication process.

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