Alpha® SmartTemp Gel

Amputation Level
Transfemoral (AK)
Suspension Method

The Alpha SmartTemp Gel liner is an optimal solution for amputees who experience mild/moderate perspiration. The liner incorporates Phase Change Materials (PCMs) that absorb, store and release heat, regulating the limb’s microclimate.

The Alpha SmartTemp Gel liner delays the onset of sweat and is also proven to reduce the amount of sweat produced by 48% leading to improved limb health and optimal thermal comfort. The liners feature the Select fabric that minimizes distal pistoning while allowing circumferential stretch leading to increased patient comfort.


AK Symmetrical, Select Fabric

Part Number Profile Color Size
P442-1694 AK Symmetrical Taupe/Gray Medium+
P442-1696 AK Symmetrical Taupe/Gray Large
P442-1698 AK Symmetrical Taupe/Gray Large+
P442-1697 AK Symmetrical Taupe/Gray Extra Large
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