LimbLogic Sleeve

Now Available in Black Fabric!

The LimbLogic Sleeve works with the LimbLogic controller to ensure an airtight, secure system. This fabric-covered silicone sleeve comes with a separate silicone cuff. The cuff is placed directly over the socket’s trim line for extra protection from wear and impact. The sleeve is then donned over the cuff.

The LimbLogic Sleeve  has a repositionable silicone cuff allowing patients using elevated vacuum to fix a leak immediately. This clever, yet simple, design allows the cuff to be repositioned. Should a patient puncture their sleeve, they can rotate the cuff and immediately regain an airtight seal. Additionally, the fabric used on the LimbLogic Sleeve enhances knee flexibility for ease and comfort of movement.

Product Highlights:
  • Innovative silicone sleeve with repositionable silicone cuff
  • Recommended for use with LimbLogic® as well as other vacuum systems
  • Enhances knee flexibility
  • Inner cuff allows wearer to fix leaks immediately
  • Repairable silicone for extended sleeve wear
  • Uses proprietary platinum-cured, medical grade silicone
Sizes Four sizes (Sizes Small through Extra Large)
Colors Taupe
Sleeve Thickness Sleeve: 3 mm
Cuff: 2 mm at center tapering to 1.5 mm at proximal & distal
Trial Period No trial period offered
Warranty 3 months from date of patient fitting
U.S. L-Code Suggestion L5685
Product No. Description
LLS-CTSM LimbLogic Sleeve w/Cuff, Taupe, Small
LLS-CKSM LimbLogic Sleeve w/Cuff, Black, Small
LLS-CTMD LimbLogic Sleeve w/Cuff, Taupe, Medium
LLS-CKMD LimbLogic Sleeve w/Cuff, Black, Medium
LLS-CTLG LimbLogic Sleeve w/Cuff, Taupe, Large
LLS-CKLG LimbLogic Sleeve w/Cuff, Black, Large
LLS-CTXL LimbLogic Sleeve w/Cuff, Taupe Extra Large
LLS-CKXL LimbLogic Sleeve w/Cuff, Black, Extra Large

LimbLogic Sleeve Sizing Chart
LimbLogic Sleeve Prosthetist Instructions
LimbLogic Sleeve Patient Instructions

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The LimbLogic Sleeve works with a vacuum system to create an airtight seal. Learn about the features and see how-to use this sleeve.

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