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WillowWood Completes the META® Trilogy: META® Shock X Launch

WillowWood Completes the META® Trilogy: META® Shock X Launch

Mount Sterling, Ohio – First Arc, then Shock… now WillowWood is proud to announce META® Shock X, the third high activity prosthetic foot from the META® family. The revolutionary META® feet combine responsive energy return with balance, stability, and impact protection. META® feet are the industry’s first one-piece carbon design, free of hardware for a minimal and lightweight platform.

META® Shock X also features this unibody design with ultra-low build height just under 5.5” (138 mm) which allows versatile fitting options for a variety of limb lengths. Shock X’s integrated shock unit atop the carbon foot combines vertical impact protection and torsional rotation inside the smallest form factor on the market.  The dual action shock unit boasts category leading, 40° of rotation and 8 mm of compression. Shock X is PDAC approved for L5984 and L5987.

“With META® Shock X we set a goal to offer Shock and rotation to as many amputees as possible without compromising on performance.  In this innovative, low-profile design we are accomplishing this objective and are excited to fulfill this unmet need.”

– Otto Fernandez, Chief Commercial Officer of WillowWood

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