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WillowWood Launches Early-Stage Investment Company

WillowWood Launches Early-Stage Investment Company

Global prosthetics innovation and manufacturing leader WillowWood has announced a new venture — WillowWorks, an early-stage investment company offering capital, strategic advisory services and commercialization support to entrepreneurs.

Through WillowWorks, WillowWood will share its century of manufacturing knowledge and product innovation experience to help entrepreneurs and partners develop, prove, refine and launch new ideas.

“We view WillowWorks as an opportunity to amplify and expand the WillowWood mission of making life better for others beyond the prosthetics market,” said Ryan Arbogast, CEO of WillowWood. “We’re looking to invest in concepts ranging from consumer products to medical devices to technology.”

Based in Columbus, Ohio, WillowWorks is pursuing collaborations with entrepreneurs who have big ideas that need nurturing and investment, as well as partners seeking to commercialize an offering to reach a broader audience.

“Big, blue sky ideas can come from anywhere and we’re open to potential collaborations across industries and markets,” said John Choi, general manager of WillowWorks. “Our one criterion is that we support opportunities that deliver positive financial and social impact.”

WillowWorks has already formed a strategic partnership with Veristride, an emerging medical technology company. WillowWorks provides advisory services focused on technology and product planning for Veristride’s high-fidelity sensor technology that analyzes and reports feedback on a user’s movement. Together, the companies are evaluating new products and future commercial opportunities.

In addition to Veristride, WillowWorks is in conversations with other potential partners and is evaluating several ideas for further collaboration and refinement. The company expects to announce other strategic partnerships soon.

About WillowWorks

WillowWorks is the product of a century of manufacturing know-how and product innovation. We’re entrepreneurs by nature and our team has collectively developed, refined and launched ideas for the market across industries. WillowWorks exists so that ideas can be freely explored, proven and applied.

About WillowWood

WillowWood, located in Mt. Sterling, Ohio, is an industry leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of prosthetic products, including the Alpha® family of liners, the WillowWood One® System, and the OMEGA® CAD system.