Test Sockets


It is critical to have a good fit between the residual limb and the socket. A socket that fits well provides comfort for a residual limb, can prevent injury to the limb, and prevent excessive vertical movement between the socket and limb. The test socket is the first socket a prosthetist creates. A prosthetist evaluates and can adjust the check socket before proceeding to a definitive socket.

Product Highlights:
  • Available in PETG/Vivak, Northplex, ThermoLyn, or equivalent
  • Same day turnaround for orders before Noon (EST)

Available materials: PETG/Vivak, Northplex, ThermoLyn or equivalents.

Lead times for Transtibial and Transfemoral Test Sockets:
Before Noon (EST): same day turnaround
After Noon (EST): 1-day turnaround

Warranty: 90 days from date of invoice

Trial period: 10 days from date of invoice
Credit applied upon approval and/after evaluation of returned product.

Should any lead time not be met, we will call the customer and ship the custom fabrication order at our expense.

Product No. Description
CS-TSTF-101 Test Socket, PETG/Vivak®, transtibial or transfemoral, includes frabrication of positive model, trim and finish
CS-TSTF-102 Test Socket, Northplex® or equal, transtibial or transfemoral, includes fabrication of positive model, trim and finish

WillowWood TF Test Socket Order Form (fillable PDF form)

WillowWood TT Test Socket Order Form (fillable PDF form)

Save the order form to your computer, complete the form and then print it to order a transtibial or a transfemoral test socket. Be sure to include the form with the plaster cast. If sending a shape file from OMEGA® please fax the form to 888.878.4858 . Please be sure to complete all information on the form.

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